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Brochure printing

Brochures are versatile advertising materials, and also very practical print products. Because not only can they become promotional flyers for cars, food or watches, they can also act as booklets for CDs or DVDs, corporate flyers, official gazettes, and even student diaries. Also as a private individual, you can enjoy many different configuration and refinement options when printing brochures. Conversely, lots of businesses are already relying on to print high-quality, inexpensive brochures in large quantities. We’ll be glad to assist you. Start your printing order online here now!

Brochure printing - Online at Favori Print Brochures in portrait- and landscape format

For school and university

At, we also create brochures as student diaries and jotters. As a result, we are highly sought after by private schools wanting to have their own diaries printed with the school logo or emblem. But planners customised in your corporate design are also a great opportunity for company or bank branding among a young audience. Jotters (e.g. as hard-copy task planners) are a good way to appeal to students. You can also give them to your staff, printed with your logo or a slogan. These products are of course also ideal as promotional gifts.

We’ll print your club magazine

Run a club and want your club magazine printed professionally and at fair prices? Then leave it to the team at We’ll print your club magazine in batches up to 50,000, regardless of whether you’re a football club, tennis club, non-profit association or coin-collectors’ club. All you need to do is provide a template and choose from various bindings and paper types – we’ll take care of the printing, so your members will always be up-to-date!

Programmes for theatres and opera houses

Our brochures are also an ideal way for theatres and opera houses to print their programmes in top quality, which remains consistent even in vast quantities. For this reason, our customers include larger, more reputable establishments. We offer all kinds of styles for your programmes, from simple to opulent, from large to small. Take advantage of the many configuration options at, and let us print your programmes!

Restaurant menus

Whether it be fast food or fine dining, every guest usually wants to see a menu. If you run a restaurant and want to print menus, you’ve come to the right place. At Favori Print, you can not only choose from many different formats, paper types, bindings and colours, but can also enhance your menus with additional refinements. Because as we all know, you eat with your eyes first! Set the tone for a highly appetising presentation of your food and beverages.

Have brochures printed and bound with staple stitching or perfect binding at Favori Print Types of binding: Saddle stitching | With simple wire staples or loop stitching for filing | Perfect binding

Corporate brochure for businesses and agents

Use to present your best side! All we need are your graphics and text, and you can configure your corporate brochures directly online. If you’re an agent, show which properties you have uncovered for your clients, or if you’re an architect, present the buildings you have designed. As a company, impress your existing and potential customers with a refined corporate brochure, or as a hotelier, give your guests a little booklet to take away with them to ensure you remain memorable and can be recommended.

Classic promotional brochures

Run a shop, want to distribute advertising in your neighbourhood but don’t want to use flyers? Then classic promotional brochures are the way to go! They look a lot nicer, and give you more room to optimally present yourself and your products or services! These brochures are of course also essential at any upcoming trade fair event. We look forward to receiving your order!

Booklets for CDs and DVDs

Whether you’re a pro musician or amateur filmmaker, Favori Print can print DVD or CD booklets professionally, in top quality and at fair prices. And if your work becomes a hit, we can instantly print up to 50,000 booklets at once. You’ll enjoy professionalism and reliability when you have your booklets printed at!

11 different formats for your brochures offers you 11 different formats when it comes to printing your brochures:

100 x 210 mm

DIN A6 (105 x 148 mm)

DIN Long (105 x 219 mm)

105 x 297 mm

CD booklet (120 x 120 mm)

DVD booklet (120 x 180 mm)

148 x 148 mm

DIN A5 (148 x 210 mm)

210 x 210 mm

Art Size (210 x 280 mm)

DIN A4 (210 x 297 mm)

Please note that the format information always refers to a closed brochure, e.g. folded brochures. You should also always allow a 2-mm bleed on each side of your print file due to be cut. Each page must be created as an individual page.

You can choose from the following paper types with glossy or matte finish for the jacket:

135 gsm Coated art paper

170 gsm Coated art paper

250 gsm Coated art paper

These paper types are available for your brochures’ inside pages:

90 gsm Coated art paper (matte or glossy)

115 gsm Coated art paper (matte or glossy)

135 gsm Coated art paper (matte or glossy)

80 gsm Offset

90 gsm Offset

100 gsm Offset

120 gsm Offset

80 gsm Recycled white

Have brochures printed and refined - Cheap online at Favori Print Refinements: Blind embossing | Relief varnish | UV spot varnish


Your booklet refinement options

We can refine the surfaces of the cover and brochure content for you on request. These options are particularly suitable if, for example, you want to design your brochure as an exclusive product catalogue or want to bind a wedding album. The type of finishing you can choose depends on your choice of paper. can implement the following paper finishes for you:

Laminating: In this variant, we coat your brochure or the cover with a wafer-thin film in matt, gloss, soft touch or linen texture. This film lamination ensures that your print product not only looks more elegant, but it is also more resistant. This makes the lamination perfect for covers and papers with a thickness of 170 gsm or more.

Blind embossing: With the help of blind embossing, individual letters, motifs, your logo or other elements on your brochure can be highlighted not only visually but also haptically.

UV varnish: On request we can coat the paper of your brochure with a varnish layer. The UV surface varnish is applied on all sides, individual elements can be accentuated with UV spot varnish. You can combine all varnishes with other finishes to make your brochure covers even more elegant, for example.

After printing and refining, we can also perforate your brochures on request, for example to insert detachable coupons.


Create brochures online - Cheap at Favori Print Brochures bindings: Spiral binding | Staple binding | Perfect binding

Many pages for your content

We can also print large brochures ranging from eight to 96 pages. When selecting your number of pages, please note that this always refers to the closed (e.g. folded) brochure. The jacket is not counted among the pages. Enjoy the full range of modern printing services when printing your brochure jackets and content. At, you can also choose from Pantone colours.

Binding and perforation – your processing options offers you two different processing options for your brochures. Staple-binding gives you a brochure whose individual sheets are easy to remove. Loop-binding, on the other hand, allows you to file your brochures in a folder or binder later on. The “perforation” option is very useful for removable voucher coupons or individual, detachable elements in your brochure. Choose between one and four perforation lines at a time in the configuration menu. Two staples are used to bind brochures 105+ mm tall. Please note: If you wish to bind your brochures, all pages need to be created as individual pages.

We print up to 50,000 brochures at once

Whether you need just a couple of brochures for your holiday home, a booklet for your self-made DVDs, or a whole load of promotional brochures for your company, processes your printing orders professionally, promptly and affordably. Enjoy the top quality and expertise of one of Europe’s largest online print shops.

FAQ about product Brochures/Prospectuses

1. Staple stitching or perfect binding, what is better for brochures and leaflets?

This depends on the use. An adhesive binding holds very well, but with staple binding the brochure can be opened "properly". Order here!

2. Is the spine of brochures grooved automatically?

If you choose an adhesive binding, the back is automatically grooved. If you opt for staple stitching, you can create a groove in the print data yourself. Order here!

3. What kind of perfect binding do you offer for product brochures?

Brochures are attached with a PUR adhesive binding. The PUR adhesive is a special polyurethane adhesive, which is applied to the back of the block during adhesive binding and thus joins the individual pages together as a block. Order here!

4. What are ring loops for brochures for?

With the help of ring loops, brochures can subsequently be filed in a ring binder for archiving.


5. What is the difference between perfect binding and spine-glued binding for brochures?

For adhesive binding, the individual pages are joined together as a block and joined together with the special polyurethane adhesive (PUR), which is applied to the back of the block. This bound block with the inside pages is placed in the binding and fastened. The result is a thin or thick spine, depending on the number of pages and the paper. Brochures with adhesive binding are particularly popular for extensive brochures, such as travel brochures. In spine-glued binding, the printed sheets (i.e. double pages) are collected and placed one inside the other. These are then glued together in the fold or waistband. Spine-glued binding is suitable as a supplement in newspapers or magazines. These are usually ordered in large quantities. For this reason, we only print booklets with spine-glued binding from a large print run of 10,000 copies.

6. From which amount can A4 brochures be ordered as landscape format?

From 250 pieces A4 brochures can be ordered in landscape format.

7. Can I order a brochure with punched holes?

We do not offer brochures with holes. Instead, you have the option of choosing a ring loop binding that can be used to file your brochures cleanly.

8. What types of binding do you generally offer for brochures and leaflets?

We offer the following binding types: staple binding, perfect binding, spiral binding and spine-glued binding.

9. Can brochures also be printed in short runs?

Yes, we print brochures and leaflets from 1 piece.

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