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Personalised business card printing

In the business world, business cards are often like a form of currency. The more cards are collected or handed out, the greater the chance of making new business contacts, securing new orders or new jobs. With Favori Print, you can have your own business cards designed and printed according to your specifications. Additional effects can be achieved with premium refinement options. We offer you low prices and top-quality cards which you can use for many different purposes. Lots of business customers from all over Europe are already counting on our print shop’s reliable service to create business cards.

Just had successful talks at a company event and want to keep in touch with your business partner to secure the opportunity for orders and new job prospects? Or want to create a lasting impression on your listeners at trade fairs and conferences? Then use the classic business card. Although we can nowadays store addresses and contact details in Smartphones and tablets, traditional paper cards are still very much in fashion. We’ll be glad to advise you on designing your business cards!

Design your own business cards & have them printed at low cost - Classic or elegant with Luxcore business cards Have individual classic business cards (left) and exclusive Luxecore-business cards (right) printed

Customer loyalty through loyalty cards

Customer loyalty is important for ensuring long-term sales, and a loyalty card is an easy to way to promote this. For example, hairdressers offer the 10th cut free, or you can clean your car for free after the ninth wash. A bonus system is recommended for all kinds of businesses – florists, bakeries or even dentists. At, you can use many different options to design your loyalty cards in a high-quality, attractive manner. Our business cards can also be created as voucher cards – an easy way to offer your customers an extra product, allowing the buyer to choose from your entire range without having to rush into a decision. Voucher cards are suitable for brick-and-mortar stores and online shops.

Never forget another appointment – Appointment cards

Just left your doctor’s surgery and already forgotten your next check-up date? Or do you know when your car is scheduled for a tyre change? How good would it be if the service provider gave you an appointment card? If you yourself run a practice or offer a service at specific times, you can easily have appointment cards printed here at, in large quantities and at low online prices!

Welcome to the team – printing membership cards

Anyone joining a club will need proof of membership to claim various services. This is generally done through a membership card. Club cards for fitness clubs, sauna clubs or golf clubs are equally popular. If you work for a club or association or run a similar institution, you can have an individual club or membership cards printed here at – with many refinement options or gold lettering upon request. Get configuring here!

Flat or fold-out

Want to convey more than just your company address and name on your business card? Then use the back or even a fold-out card to present your promotional messages or unique selling points! At, you can choose from three different versions: Flat card with one-sided printing, double-sided card, or folded card with double-sided printing. Which card will it be for you?

Business cards with lamination gloss or linen structure - Online printers Favori Print Enhance your business cards with high-quality lamination, for example with a glossy lamination (left) or linen texture (right).

Two classic formats

Business cards generally always have the same sizes, and we can print these in portrait or landscape format. The smaller option has a presentation area of 85 x 55 mm, while the larger version provides 90 x 50 mm of space for your first impression, appointment lists or bonus system.

For the best impression: A wide range of paper

Why should you only use one type of paper when you can choose from 11 different types, which can be printed on both sides? Here at, you can enjoy the full range of modern, premium papers.

In 85 x 55 or 90 x 50 mm format, choose from two different coated art papers with thicknesses of 250 gsm and 350 gsm, other options include the 350 gsm-thick premium cardboard, or alternatively the 300 gsm Chromo board (back uncoated) if you want to print firmer cards. The premium paper varieties 300 gsm Premium Chamois, 350 gsm Premium Ribbed, 340 gsm Premium Bright White and 350 gsm Premium Linen feature unique paper with their own special textures.

On the other hand, the 350 gsm offset or 400 gsm offset paper is very inexpensive. If you consciously want to use environmentally friendly paper for your business cards, use 300 gsm Recycled White, which has been certified under the Blue Angel label.

You can also choose from the following premium papers for single-sided and double-sided printing in the 85 x 55 mm format for your business cards:

750 gsm Luxecore Chamois

750 gsm Luxecore Ribbed

750 gsm Luxecore Bright White

750 gsm Luxecore Linen

Best printing results

Combine an exclusive range of papers with exclusive colours! At, you can enjoy many different combinations of paper types and printing inks. From simple black-and-white printing to special Pantone colours, along with gold or silver, we offer you a vast selection of design options when it comes to your cards’ colour scheme! All cards are cut for single or double-sided printing. Corners can also be rounded upon request. If you choose the four-sided business cards, these are cut and folded as requested.


1 color or full color CMYK


Create an even better impression – your refinement options

At, you can refine your business cards in three different ways, thereby ensuring your cards not only look fancy but are also unique to the touch:

Blind embossing: Infill/embossing.

Hot foil flat embossing: Choose from gold, silver, bronze, copper, red or blue to create great visual effects.

Hot foil relief embossing: This hot foil embossing allows you to print lettering or graphics as reliefs.

Order preview on paper or on the screen

If you want to know what your business cards will look like later on, you can order a preview from Choose the paperproof option in the configuration menu. For a small surcharge, we’ll post out your card preprints to you. If you like the result, you can place the order straight away.

A screenproof is an even faster option. We create a digital preview of your cards, and store this in your customer account. You can then look at it on your screen in the office or at home. If you like it, get us to print it, if not, you can cancel the order and send the new print-version to us. When selecting “screenproof”, please note that the colours of the actual print product may differ.

If you need multiple cards, you can rely on’s full printing capacity. Because we can create up to half a million business cards at once upon request, saving you printing costs but not compromising on quality. Place your trust in the expertise of one of Europe’s largest online print shops, and order your business cards conveniently online here at!

FAQ to product business cards

1. Which paper selection is suitable if business cards are to be printed only on one side?

If you only want to print your business cards on one side, it makes sense to use chromo carton. The chromo carton is uncoated on the reverse side. This has the advantage that you can easily take notes with a ballpoint pen.

2. is the back of the card "deformed" when I want to emboss my business cards with a blind embossing?

Paper of any thickness is deformed on both sides by blind embossing, sometimes referred to as embossing and debossing.

3. How are business cards usually printed?

The classic option is to choose the coated art paper, which is finished on one side or on both sides with lamination.

4. Can I order several different business cards as a collective order?

Each order is a separate position, even if one page of the business card remains the same.

5. What are the standard dimensions for business cards?

For business cards, there are no standard dimensions that are defined in a DIN/ISO standard, such as for letterheads. However, over time the sizes 85 x 55 mm and 90 x 50 mm have become established over time.

6. How big must business cards be to fit in business card boxes and wallets?

Here it is recommended to use the usual size of 85 x 55 mm, as this corresponds to the size of a cheque card, which fits into all common cases. Under no circumstances should you increase the width of your business card!

7. What should I print on the back of a business card?

The possibility of printing the back of your business card should not be underestimated. Especially for people with international business contacts, it is a good idea to print a different language version of the front on the back. Other helpful information that can be placed on the back are directions or opening 

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