Printed magnetic sheets

When it comes to vehicle graphics, magnetic sheets have proven themselves time and time again. Moreover, this particular printed product can be used for many other purposes. At, you can have magnetic sheets professionally printed in various formats, as well as in special formats. Configure your print job online with just a few clicks!

With printed magnetic sheets, vehicles can be covered with advertising or information panels in no time at all. The great advantage being that the sheets can be removed from the vehicle surface without leaving any residue behind when they are no longer needed. This makes magnetic sheets ideal for vehicle graphics or advertising. Even large-format advertisements adhere perfectly to vehicle doors or side panels, thanks to their magnetic surface. The robust material is also resistant to weather conditions such as rain or wind.

Magnetic sheets printing - Online at Favori Print The printed magnetic sheet can also be used as a car decal

However, magnetic sheets can also be used in much more versatile ways. For example, these printed products can be used for the design of information signs, when placed onto a metal sign, they immediately adhere magnetically. When they need to be replaced, the sheets can be easily removed. In small formats, magnetic sheets are also perfect for promotions. Whether it is as a fridge magnet or as a magnetic sign for an information board or other metal surface, magnetic sheets are ideal promotional items. Unlike stickers, they can be reused multiple times.

Please note: Magnetic sheets may cause pigment shifts in new and freshly painted cars. Please understand that we cannot give any guarantees regarding this.

Indication on using the magnetic car decal

The magnetic sheets need to be at room temperature (20°C) and the surface of the car needs to be cleaned rigorously before applying the sheets. Start by putting one corner of the foil to the surface and slowly apply the rest onto the car. Remove the foil and start from the beginning if the magnetic sheet is not in the right position, is not fitting or has trapped air bubbles.

Robust material and special UV-printing

We print your designs, slogans and texts onto 0.9-mm-thick car magnetic sheets or 0.6-mm-thick fridge magnetic sheet. The magnetic sheet has a matt white PVC coating that makes the product more robust. The 4/0 CMYK four-colour process is carried out as a UV direct print. This means that the colour is applied to the surface and cured immediately with UV light. Thanks to the CMYK printing process, you have a completely free choice of colours. And photos and other graphics can also be easily printed onto magnetic sheets.

Print magnetic sheets in any of various formats, or in special formats

At, you can choose from a wide variety of formats for the printing of your magnetic sheets. While small magnetic sheets in the format 10 x 10 mm are highly suitable as, for example, fridge magnets or magnets for metal memo boards, large-format magnetic sheets are ideal for advertisements on cars. The standard formats to choose from here include, for example, magnetic sheets in A1 or A2, as well as B1 or B2 formats. The maximum possible size is A0. Additionally, you can also configure special formats. They can be freely configured anywhere in the size range between 10 x 10 mm and 960 x 5,000 mm.

Magnetic foil for fridges printed in any shape - Favori Print Magnetic foils for fridge or car, printed in any shape as freeform

Magnets in all kinds of shapes

With us you can create your magnetic sheets in freeform. Let your fantasy and creativity run free when creating small or large characters and figurines. Not only for the fridge but also for the car you can create freeform magnetic sheets. Please pay attention to the information in the respective data sheet.

Up to 50 magnetic sheets per print job is one of the largest printing companies in Europe. This means that we have at our disposal not only the most modern printing equipment but also an extensive printing capacity on which you can rely. We can print up to 50 magnetic sheets for you in any one order, regardless of your choice of format. Of course, it is also possible to order just one single magnetic sheet online.

To receive a preview of your print job, we recommend that you order a screen proof. For a small surcharge, we create a digital preview of your magnetic sheets. You can look at the preview on-screen and decide whether you want to continue with the print job or change the order. Have your magnetic sheets printed − professionally, quickly, reliably and at reasonable prices at!

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