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The individual roll-up banner is set up, rolled out and ready . This flexible handling makes the print product a very popular advertising medium for trade fairs, events or for stationary dealers. Authorities or hotels also like to use the special banner. In our online print shop, you can have roll-up banners printed cheaply and optionally receive the right transport and fastening system. You can start configuring your print job online right away and benefit from excellent quality at affordable prices after printing!

Whether for the trade fair stand or your business premises, for targeted advertising or attention-grabbing information: roll-up banners from convince in every situation with their very high material and print quality. So you can use these presentation systems perfectly over a longer period of time and rely on their functionality. We are happy to assist you with questions about advertising systems or other print products for your company. Just give us a call!

TIP: Our print shop is popular with agencies and companies alike when it comes to creating high-quality advertising materials and presentation systems. Use our know-how and let also create exhibition walls, L- & X-banners or beach flags .

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What are our roll displays suitable for?

You can benefit from the great flexibility that roll-up displays offer for a wide range of uses. Here is a small selection:

Trade fairs: Especially in the hustle and bustle at trade fairs, it is good if you can rely on an easy-to-use presentation and advertising system. With just a few simple steps, you can place a roll-up display on your exhibition stand and be even more visible to interested parties and potential business partners.

Shops: Whether for promotional stands or display, roll-up displays are used perfectly in department stores as well as in DIY stores or classic shops. Thanks to the simple construction, the content of the advertising and information displays can be quickly exchanged and adapted to current promotions.

Events: Roll displays are also suitable for quick use at events. Food stands can use it to present their offer or organizers can inform their visitors with a site map.

Advertising: Due to the flexible installation options, roll-ups can be set up wherever they reach the target group. The contents are easily interchangeable, which means that these displays are also ideal for promoting quickly changing promotions.

Information: Information systems must be clearly visible and present the information clearly. With our roll-up displays you get the perfect products for an efficient information system at large events, in bank branches or department stores.

Adapt the format to the usage


With you can adapt the size of your roll banners perfectly to the respective purpose. Over ten different formats from A4 to huge 2,000 x 3,000 millimeters can be selected during creation.

You can place mini-banners in A4, for example, on tables or exhibition counters. Very narrow, portrait-format displays with an area of ​​800 x 2,000 millimeters can be used perfectly on very limited areas such as waiting rooms or corridors. The XXL roll-up display with a total area of ​​6 square meters is particularly suitable for large halls or halls. Of course, you have to keep an eye on the resolution of your motifs, because a too small number of pixels can lead to blurred printing.

TIP: Use our deluxe roll-up system if you want to replace your display motifs regularly. We have a total of seven roll-ups available.

High quality display material for a long service life

Roll-up banners are printed in the CMYK four-color process as standard. There are two different versions of the material to choose from:

200 µ Banner lite: The tear-resistant and dimensionally stable material is made of opaque polypropylene and is particularly light. Thanks to its properties, information remains legible even when light shines on the banner from behind.

510 g / m² PVC tarpaulin: This material is a classic for banners. It convinces above all with its robustness, because it is tear-resistant, tensile and resists scratches. In addition, it is UV-stable and does not become brittle so quickly when exposed to permanent sunlight in the outdoor area. In addition, colors are preserved better. This material is particularly recommended if you want to use it for longer.

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Order roll-up displays cheaply even in large quantities

If you order your roll-ups from us, you will benefit from the know-how and capacities of one of the largest printing companies in Europe. You are choosing an excellent product and print quality at reasonable prices. We can print individual displays or up to 50 pieces at once for you. If the time is short before important trade fair dates and print products should be there "yesterday", choose our priority option for creation and delivery (for an additional charge). Printing and shipping then take place in the shortest possible time at express speed. Print and design roll-up displays now - from, your reliable and affordable online print shop!

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