Adhesive films are more than just stickers . With the high-quality films from you have the opportunity to transform vehicles, walls, furniture or other objects with flat surfaces in no time at all. The adhesive film is therefore just as suitable for window display advertising as for outdoor advertising on vehicles. When configuring your print job, note whether the film should be suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Incidentally, all three offered indoor adhesive films meet the strict fire protection standard DIN 4102-1 when glued to plasterboard, glass or steel and thus belong to building material class B1. In this way, the interior adhesive films are also suitable for public buildings

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Have adhesive films printed - online print shop Favori Print White or transparent adhesive films in various designs for indoor or outdoor use

Indoor adhesive film, white, self-adhesive - perfect for trade fairs or special sales areas

With this 0.1 millimeter thick adhesive film, you can create advertising media that are used at particularly short notice. This makes this material ideal for use at trade fairs or for special areas in shops and shop windows. The robust, white film is free of cadmium, self-adhesive on one side and can be used on almost all smooth and self-curved surfaces. The top of the film is matt and has a light structure.

Thanks to the spot-applied, solvent-free acrylic adhesive, it is very easy to reposition a piece of film. The adhesive is also age-resistant, so that the film adheres for a long time. In addition, the white adhesive film can be removed from most surfaces without leaving any residue. If, for example, residues of the adhesive adhere to PVC, they can be quickly and easily removed with methylated spirit. To ensure that the product adheres well to the surface, it should not be contaminated. We recommend not using wet gluing.

Indoor adhesive films semi-transparent - perfect advertising technology for temporary promotions

You can also use the semi-transparent and cadmium-free indoor adhesive films in a thickness of 100 μm (0.1 millimeter) for temporary advertising campaigns. The low thickness ensures that the film rests on a surface almost like a “second skin”. These thin adhesive films can be applied to smooth surfaces as well as slight bulges. Gluing to car paint is also possible. An acrylate glue is used as the glue, which is applied in spots. It is resistant to aging, permanently adhesive, permanently elastic and ensures perfect adhesion.

Indoor adhesive film clear, static adhesive - ideal interior decoration for all flat surfaces

This special indoor adhesive film is transparent, has a matt surface and is made of polyester. It has a thickness of 140 µm. The special thing about these foils is their "micro suction cup technology". This means that the adhesive films can be repositioned even more flexibly and can be removed without residue. This clear adhesive film as a decorative glass film is ideal for window dressing or for sticking on glass fronts indoors.

However, when applying, you should work with cotton gloves to avoid fingerprints. It is also recommended to clean the surface from grease, dirt or dust particles on which the adhesive films are to be placed. In order to avoid bubbles when gluing, you should carry out a wet gluing. The surface is moistened with water. The moisture is then removed by smoothing the film. This process is also called “squeegee” in technical language.

Outdoor adhesive film for car lettering

This robust outdoor film is only 80 μm thin. It is a polymeric PVC film in white, which is characterized by its longevity and also withstands the weather. According to the manufacturer, it can be used on vehicles for at least six months. The adhesive film for the outdoor area is self-adhesive on one side and cadmium-free. The acrylic adhesive is permanently elastic and permanently adhesive. The glue has a gray color so that strongly colored surfaces do not show through. We can laminate this adhesive film on request. The protective laminate is available in matt or glossy.

It is important that the film is not used on freshly painted surfaces. Of course, indoor use is possible without any problems.

Eight standard formats, free forms and special formats possible

We print your adhesive films in eight standard sizes from 200 x 200 millimeters to DIN B4, DIN B1 up to a maximum size of 1,000 x 4,000 millimeters. With, however, you have the option of specifying free formats and special formats for film printing. You have a choice of individual shapes and dimensions for sticking on car window panes or house windows.

Please note that your free format does not fall below or exceed a minimum size of 200 x 200 millimeters and a maximum size of 1,000 x 4,000. After free entry in the configuration menu, your special dimensions are adopted directly.

You have to take this into account when printing on adhesive film

When creating the print file, make sure that fonts and pictures are created at least 1.5 millimeters from the edge. Also add three millimeters of bleed on each side to be trimmed. If you would like a free form or a special format for your adhesive films, please create your print data as a vector path. This should represent the cut line as a solid color. Name the spot color as "Cutting Line" and specify "overprint".

When creating the print file, take into account that white areas remain transparent when printing on transparent or clear film.

This is how we print your adhesive films

For digital printing of your adhesive film, we rely on the proven 4/0-CMYK four-color process. In this way, both graphics and lettering can be reproduced perfectly in all possible colors. So that color adheres to the film, it is applied in UV printing. Pay particular attention to the high resolution of photos and graphics for large formats such as DIN B1. If you select a resolution that is too low, the playback may appear pixelated.

We would be happy to help you choose suitable motifs and print data. Simply call us or write an email. Our service team answers your questions reliably and competently.

Now look at how the adhesive film can look when printed

To get a preview of your adhesive film print, order a screenproof via the configuration menu. For a small surcharge, we create a digital preview of your adhesive film and save the file in your customer account. You can then view the result on the screen and choose to print, or edit it again and again.

Have up to 50 adhesive films printed per order

Do you need adhesive films for an entire fleet or a large retail store? No problem! As one of the largest printing companies in Europe, we can print up to 50 adhesive films for you. Of course, an order is possible from one piece. You too can benefit from our know-how in the printing of advertising material and have your adhesive films printed by - quickly, professionally and cheaply!

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