Have scaffolding banners printed

Scaffolding usually covers a complete house facade and lasts for several weeks and months. With PVC banners, companies have the perfect opportunity here to advertise on a large scale. At you can have scaffold banners printed in order to present your advertising message to the public. There are not only different formats to choose from for scaffolding banner printing, but you can also get secure fastening systems on request.

Admittedly, there are more beautiful sights than that of a large scaffolding. So it is all the better if this scaffold is effectively "covered" and attracted attention. Construction site operators thus ensure an optical upgrade. At the same time, passers-by as well as passing cars are safe from construction site dirt. In addition, everyone involved in construction can work undisturbed behind the tarpaulin. A win-win situation for everyone! If you also have your scaffolding banners produced in the print shop, you can rely on low prices - and save your advertising budget.


Have scaffolding banners printed in various sizes online at low-cost Print scaffolding banners with retaining strips on light mesh fabric or robust PVC tarpaulin

The perfect format for your scaffolding advertising

We recommend the format 1,500x 2,050 millimeters for your scaffolding banners. It corresponds to the usual height between the individual scaffolding days. Of course, in the configuration menu you have the option of having your PVC banners printed up to three times ten meters in size. Freely chosen special formats are also possible. Another advantage with On request, we can add clamping eyelets and tension loops to your printed scaffolding banners. After delivery, your banners can be used immediately and can be mounted on the scaffolding.

Attach scaffolding banners with clamping eyes and tension loops Clamping lugs and tension loops for fasteningWeatherproof PVC tarpaulin for constant advertising effect

Rain, strong sunlight, wind, these weather influences will not affect your advertising site banners. This is ensured by the extremely robust material that we use for scaffolding banner printing. These are PVC tarpaulins with a thickness of 500 g / m². The top properties of the vinyl fabric include tear resistance, scratch and tensile strength. In addition, the material is UV-stable and, for example, does not become brittle in summer when there is strong sunlight. Thanks to its B1 certification, the PVC scaffolding tarpaulin complies with the applicable fire protection regulations.

Various printing options

We use the proven CMYK four-color printing to create your scaffolding banners. This procedure has the advantage that you are very free in your choice of motif. Large, multi-colored lettering is just as possible as graphics. However, in order to achieve optimal image reproduction, you should definitely pay attention to the specifications in the print data sheet. You get a digital preview if you select the "Screenproof" option in the configurator for a small surcharge. We will save the file in your customer account after creation. You then have the option of having the job printed or revised. Please note that you have to configure your own print job with the corresponding print data for each screen proof.

Printing possible from one piece

We print scaffolding banners for you from one piece. But we are also equipped for large advertising campaigns and can create up to 100 banners per order for you. The delivery is always rolled. Have your scaffolding banner printed now - quickly, cheaply and in top quality with, your reliable online print shop!

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