Custom label printing

Labels are versatile print products both for companies and your home use. Whether for labelling spices on the kitchen shelves or wine bottles in vineyards, whether for practical address stickers or as price tags in shops, our professional label printing is appreciated by business and private customers alike. We can print for you not only rectangular and square labels but also special formats such as stars and circles – starting from a quantity of 1 piece. Our stringent requirements on quality and reliability apply equally to small and bulk orders. With us to print your labels, labels are outstandingly suited as address stickers. If you are operating an online shop and require various address labels on a daily basis, then you can stock up with various formats. In this process, you decide yourself what design is printed on your address stickers. If you have a print template to hand, you can start right away here with the configuration of your label printing! It goes without saying that this option is available for private customers too. Your friends, relatives and acquaintances will be delighted to receive post from you with the sender resplendent in the form of a chic address sticker on letters or packages!

Printing Labels on a roll with UV-resistant colours - Online at Favori Print Printing self-adhesive labels on a roll starting from 500 pieces

Individual and professional bottle labels for vineyards or juice manufacturers

If you are operating a vineyard, pressing and selling juice yourself, or have to suitably label food, then with you've come to the right address. We print your labels quickly and reliably. All you need is a print file. Then you can configure your stickers for wine bottles, juice bottles or preserves comfortably on the screen. If you have any questions on the printing or configuration, our service team will be delighted to help you – by email or on the phone.

Ideal for price labels or packages

You don't have to write the price labels yourself. Just let us print them for you! Choose the right one for you from a wide range of formats, use your print template – and in just a few days you will receive top-quality price labels to price your products with. Our labels are also ideally suited for packages. Thanks to our large printing capacities, we can also realise large print orders (of several thousand labels) in no time at all without any problems. Tip: Why not create your own stickers for your children and let us print them. This way, you can mark exercise books or have a great, individual gift idea.

From small to large labels – also in special forms

We print your custom labels with classical corners – ranging from the smallest square format (20 x 20 mm), via six other sizes through to the 280 x 500 mm format. The largest labels are outstandingly suited, say, for packages. They can only be printed in portrait format, with the narrow side forward on the label roll. We process all other stickers both in landscape and portrait format on the label roll – except for the 145 x 95 mm format (landscape format only). We also print circular labels. Here we have two sizes available – with 40 or 80 mm in diameter. We also offer oval labels, as you may remember them from the old country stickers on cars – in the 145 x 95 mm size.


One of our special services is the printing and punching of labels in special formats. Here you can give free rein to your imagination. We can, for example, produce your self-designed labels with an individual contour in star, heart and cloud shapes.

Tip: Create your own stickers for your children and get them printed at Favori Print. You can use them to label school material or have a great, personalised gift. For special formats, please note that the size of the label is within the standard dimensions of 20 x 20 and 280 x 500 mm. In addition, the cutting line for the labels must be created as a special colour for the contour cut.

Please note: in general, when creating the print file a 3 mm trimming should be included on each side to be cut. Elements, that shouldn't be cut have to be at least 2 mm away from the contour cut line. For manufacturing reasons, the corner radius must be at least 1 mm in size.

Top-quality paper for label printing

Favori Print has a choice of three different types of paper available for your labels. The classical white adhesive paper is available in a grammage of 80 gsm. It is permanently adhesive. With the option "permanently adhesive opaque", you receive an adhesive paper in the same strength, but with a background additionally printed in blue. This way, the background doesn't shine through when, for example, you place the stickers on glass. The classical adhesive paper is also available in the colours neon yellow and neon red. The next option consists of felt-marked, white uncoated paper in a strength of 90 gsm, which has been additionally treated with a fungicide. Its anti-mould effect makes this label paper especially suitable for wine bottles, which are stored in cellars where humidity can cause mould to form.

Durable labels on a foil

For robust and UV-resistant stickers used outdoors we recommend adhesive film. At Favori Print you can have your labels printed on white or opaque adhesive film

Proven top-quality printing process in flawless workmanship

We print your labels using the classical CMYK four-colour process, or alternatively, in black, After printing, your stickers are individually cut out and delivered – up to a quantity of 500 pieces. For larger quantities, we deliver your labels and stickers on rolls with a core diameter of 76 mm. The printed side faces outwards. There is a gap of 4 mm between the individually printed labels.


Preview via screenproof

If you want to know what your labels look like after printing, at you have the possibility to create a screenproof (for a small extra charge). If you don't like the preview, you can modify the order. The screenproof is particularly worthwhile for large quantities. As soon as you have selected the screenproof option in the configuration menu and completed the order, we create a digital image of your sticker and save the file (in a 150 dpi resolution) in your customer account. You are then notified by email and can assess the result directly on the screen. If you are satisfied with it, you then start the print order directly via the customer account. If not, you can change it and send the new version to us. Please note that a screenproof can only be done once per order.


Up to 5,000 labels at once

You need a lot of stickers or labels for a promotion at once? No problem for Our state-of-the-art print shop is set up to realise large-scale orders of up to 5,000 labels. We can also start our printing machines for you just as reliably for as little as 1 piece.

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